My New Year message…

3 01 2014

Just saying once more that nobody is giving us anything. Our deficit is now resulting from the interest rates we have to pay and certainly the capital also matures and we pay or transform in another financial product that is interesting in terms of… INTEREST RATE. That means there will be a time that we payed in interest the same , the double , and triple of the total amount of the debt. The government has said that primary budget balance is positive, that means that the State is getting more money than the current expenditures, the resulting superavit (positive balance) being not enough for the debt service… therefore there is a deficit.
We are paying for the incompetence, the criminal behavior of some of OUR banks, of governments, and I don’t forget , will never forget, the “governance” of OUR Sócrates, the incompetence of OUR Victor Constâncio, now vice president of European Central Bank who could have avoid the crimes of the bank BPN which was sold by the present government to Angola for 40 million euros with the condition that the huge passive would be taken by the Portuguese state. And that’s what we are paying with all the cuts in wages of civil servants, and cuts in pensions of retired people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, sorry, but we have not anything to thank to anyone. No country has GIVEN us anything!!! I don’t think they should give, what I am saying is THEY DID NOT GIVE , they are getting their income from the loans. So, NORTH EUROPEAN citizens,if your governments make you think we, so called “southern countries” ,are living on you, don’t believe, you gave us nothing! And by the way this “southern country” is very much western, check out in google maps!



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