Tannhauser – O du mein holder Abendstern (Oh, my gracious evening star)

9 07 2013

Cá está uma ária boa para a voz de Passos Coelho, com uma letra interessante que ele podia decidcar , sei lá, a Schäuble por exemplo…
Cantada aqui por Hermann Prey

Like a premonition of death, darkness covers the land,
and envelops the valley in its sombre shroud;
the soul that longs for the highest grounds,
is fearful of the darkness before it takes flight.
There you are, oh loveliest star,
your soft light you send into the distance;
your beam pierces the gloomy shroud
and you show the way out of the valley.

Oh, my gracious evening star,
I always greet you like happily:
with my heart that she never betrayed
take to her as she drifts past you,
when she soars from this earthly vale,
to transform into blessed angel!




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