Le Tour 100: 1ª etapa (caricata)

29 06 2013

“Caricata”, digo eu, e estou a usar um eufemismo. Só vendo, contado ninguém acredita. 🙂 😦

No site Le Tour:

«Kittel delivers: yellow jersey from a stage win

Stage summary 29.06.2013

Stage 1- Porto-Vecchio / Bastia

 The first stage of the 100th Tour de France was designed to end with a sprint. That’s how it panned out but it was anything but a standard finish in Bastia. Ultimately it was a sprinter with a great reputation, Marcel Kittel, who lived up to expectations and claimed the win and the first yellow jersey of the 2013. “This is the greatest day of my life,”he declared at the finish. “This is absolutely something that’s outstanding.”That was his appraisal after a manic end to the first stage of the Tour to ever be contested in Corsica. The race jury was forced to make quick decisions and originally opt to alter the site of the finish… when the peloton was just eight kilometres away. »(Ler mais)




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