Update relative to the 4th an 5th of May in Holland

15 05 2013

I forgot to tell my readers that the 4th of May is in Holland the day “dodenherdenking”, a day to remember all the victims of II WW, they still do 2 minutes of silence every 4th of May.
The 5th of May is the “bevrijdingsdag”, feast of liberation from germans occupying the country. Every 5th of may they do a big feast.
Memmory of people lasts long . That is in contradiction with what usually is told, that people have short memory and forget fast. Not really.

Some years ago I was by chance (or not) in Schiphol, the airport was busy as usual, and everybody froze (stopped moving, just staying in the place they were) in that momment of the silence. That was a special experience. There was a message witten in electronic board saying: “words are not adequate”. And I will never forget.

Thus Amsterdam is maybe a little more than just the town of the finale of some silly football championship.




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