¿Por qué no te callas, Wolfgang Schäuble ?

4 05 2013

¿Por qué no te callas, Wolfgang Schäuble ? Porque não te calas? Why don’t you shut up?
I could translate into German but I DON’T WANT TO! Starting to hate german language each time you speak, mister doctor professor minister m.f. Wolfgang Schäuble !!!! (The m. f. is for free interpretation).

Who gives you the authority to say who is a good or bad minister of a sovereign country?????
If you like our finance minister GASPAR tell him on his mobile or personally. WE don need your opinion, it is IRRELEVANT while we remain an independent country! Don’t test the patience of a country that was born as a NATION/STATE in 1143. When was Germany born as a nation, as a state???? What is Germany in fact????? Who the hell are you????? Portugal is small but can do a lot of harm, for example leaving the Euro NOW! We will suffer, but we are suffering anyway, so what do we have to lose?????I have been defending Germany against my fellow contrymen and women, my friends, because we shouldn’t never blame others for what was done here by portuguese corrupt governments, politicians, bankers, companies… But now i am getting tired of being the devil’s lawyer.


PS: ANd inform your citizens that we are paying HIGH INTEREST RATES for the money you make believe you are GIVING




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