Post for one of a kind portuguese person and for a very special German person

28 03 2013

To the one of a kind portuguese person:
No , it’snot true, you did everything or most of the things right, you were involved in all sort of cases of corruption but allways innocent. No you did not doubled the debt of Portugal, you are an angel, but sorry , for me and many other portuguese you are just a CROOK! Go back to Paris please, please!
If the English is too technical for you , have it translated by your fax teacher!

Now you mister german good pupil!
You are just a babyboomer with no education, you should know that you can’t tell the truth when you are a minister and offend the people of other countries! You had an easy life, i am sure. When you were 20 Europe was booming, it was easy for you to find a job. Germany had Marshall plan that was not wasted , i can agree, but Germany had not to spend a cent of a d.mark on armed forces for decades!! Ye you are like those that we call “betinhos” , with parents that payed their education and extra lessons to have good notes, well behaved and never getting into trouble… Or are you just one more candidate for a clown?
By the way it seems you learned nothing at school wherever that was. What was done in regard to Cyprus is too stupid , too sloppy, showing an imense irresponsibility and incompetence. Your beloved euro will soon become what it always was: just a double Deutsche Mark for you and a couple of friends! The policy of Eurogroup which you support signed the death of the euro. Congratulations!

Receive my best regards , this music is dedicated to both good students: our own exponent on diplomas and you as the best student of the world!




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